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frontNovember 4, 2008

I need to replace the header over a sliding glass window. It spans 9 feet. The header is 4x10. The trimmer and king studs need to also be replaced. I'm debating on whether to tackle this job or not. The wall is a load bearing wall that holds up one end of a cathedral ceiling. The trusses are 2x8 and are cut at the top plate. It extends outside at a width of 4in for the outlook. I have a poured concrete slab patio outside. I would build a temporary wall outside to support the roof while doing the work. I could also build a temporary wall on the inside if that is the best method.

Also, if I contract this out, is it better to just hire a general contractor. He will only be subbing out the framing. I will do the rest (drywall and siding). I could call a framer/carpenter directly, but I'm having a hard time finding one in the phone book. It seems like they all work under GC's. Can someone give me a ball park figure on the cost to contract it out?

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From your description, I'm thinking that you're removing a window and putting in a door that's wider than the previous window. Is there any rot? Are there any electrical lines/plumbing that'll need to be re-routed?

If I understand the work, this isn't one of those rocket-science hard jobs, but if I were you, I'd want it completed quickly. That's why I'd suggest you use someone with a staff (say, 4 people minimum on the job: 2 carpenters, 1 laborer, 1 driver for materials/waste, plus maybe an electrician or plumber), rather that a one or two man carpentry outfit. That probably points to a GC. Sadly, those staff mean overhead, which means a higher cost for you, but in the big scheme of things it shouldn't be too awful.

I suspect that you'll only get an accurate price when someone looks at it.

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I would agree that it is not rocket science work. If you can do the siding / drywall work then it sounds like you have some skills. I would DIY. Think it through, take off the drywall so you can see everything prior to opening up to the elements, get all the material prior to starting, get a helper or two as the beam will be a handfull, and go for it.

As far as hiring out the framing part of it, I think you would pay more than you think as it sounds like a pretty small job for a framer, especially with you wanting to finish it. I would think that would fall under some minimum bid thing with a big chunk of the cost going to pay for the contractor to get material

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