Help please. Velcro

sudimariAugust 14, 2012

I am altering a net book sleeve to use with iPad. I am adding a simple divider with a place to put the stylus, the microfiber cleaning cloth and possibly a cord. All great so far.

Now to fasten into sleeve I opted for Velcro only I'm needing to reuse rough sections scone I have none & can't afford it right now. The strips are stuck (orig sticky type) to a lightweight stretch knit. I'm sewing onto a wide nylon ribbon. I have a gently used denim needle to use and discard after. I can use a zipper foot but I have another adjustable foot that might work better for me.

So the questions:

1) what kind of stitch? I've used zig zag or satin for most everything so far. Seems to make thestitchlines smoother and less likely to scratch the device screen.

2) because it is sticky back there is no line/edge to sew in. Can I zigzag along the edge (on&off the Velcro)? I've already cut the other fabric to the very thing would have been to leave a border and sew that to the ribbon.

Thanks for help, insights & resources!

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OK, I'm really trying to bite my tongue here.

Don't do it. Just don't.

It's not the needle you should be worried about - it's the bobbin/hook mechanism. You might do damage to your machine. That is heavy-duty adhesive, and your needle will carry it down into the hook, and it will possibly spread around.

But, hey, you can afford an Ipad, and here you are cheaping out on a $5.00 package of sew-in Velcro (last I checked at Walmart). There are dots and strips in small amounts available. But go for it - risk gumming up your machine.

So I couldn't bite my tongue all that long!

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Must apologize - that was harsh.

But I keep a few sewing machines going here for the Girl Scouts - and the leaders continually let the girls sew adhesive velcro into their projects.

It truly does screw up the machines - especially if it's hot outside.

I just had to clean one out last week, and it took a LONG TIME.

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I appreciate the feedback. I honor & value honesty Sometimes it can sound a bit harsh; nature of the beast! My budget is such that the small amount matters. iPad is bottom line older purchased with trade ins, price matching and no personal funds for anything for a couple of months.

I opted to do outer edges as little actual Velcro as possible (since i had the under fabric) and only top & bottom. So far no problems, but I'll own up if they happen. And rework the budget for a service visit. I hate using glue but that would have been safer...glue used Velcro to ribbon. Sew ribbon onto divider.

Being self-taught my knowledge is lacking in a lot of the commonsense and basics. I'm hoping to fill some gaps by being here!

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This brings back bad memories. DH asked me to make some fishing rod holders for his boat, using heavy duty velcro. The only velcro I could find that met his needs was an industrial strength self-adhesive velcro. I sewed it onto strips of heavy twill.

It was awful. I used a lot of sewers aid lubricant & went through a lot of needles. It didn't mess up my machine as I used a lube, but took a lot longer than it should have. The holders worked really well & lasted 10 yrs, still worked when he sold the boat this yr.

I'm glad you made your sleeve work, and didn't spend any money!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I've used staples rather than sew self adhesive velcro....

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Staples? Interesting alternative! When buying Velcro in the future I will definitely have deeper considerations than weight and color! I think in the past I've preferred the heat activated when I could find it. Better hold and no sewing!

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DO NOT use that sticky crap on your machine!!! IT will only gum up your needle and wont sew right. It could get down in your machine and crap it up... ONLY use the non sticky velcro... Just refuse to use it.
I am now self employed for yrs sewing..(i subcontract my labor so I make more $$$) I've worked in this business for just over 40 yrs now... and we have always just stitched velcroe on with a straight stitch.

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