What would you do with this exposed foundation wall?

braytonakNovember 9, 2008

I learned this summer that the foundation wall under my back deck / porch doesn't have any earth against it. The ground slopes from all sides of the deck, which isn't that big, steeply down to the bottom of this wall. The ground is covered with plastic. Fortunately the deck has a clear roofing material so that there's really not that much water that his the plastic.

At the moment I can't recall if the wall is sealed or if it's bare cement block. I would like to do something to insulate this wall. I know I can hang fiberglass batts in the crawlspace, but should I consider applying spray foam to the exterior of this wall? Should the ground be filled in and then sloped to the *outside* edges of the deck with the plastic covering keeping water from entering close to the house? It would take at least a pick-up truck full of dirt to fill the hole and slope it.

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You seem to have the proper solution of regrading so the water runs away from the house.
I'm not sure what your asking.

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