storm door corroding?

donnas_gwNovember 30, 2013

Again, we have to buy a new storm door because this one is coming apart. Getting so sick of this!! What can we do to prevent this from happening to the next storm door we buy? It is our back door (or rather, it is on the side of the house). I know this one definitely has to go. Both inside and outside are like this. What do I do, put wax on it to keep it from happening? LOL

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Sophie Wheeler

Is that aluminum with paint flaking off, or wood? The pic is too blurry to judge. If it's aluminum, better paint prep and better paint is needed. If it's wood, then you need metal. Preferably powder coated from a major manufacturer.

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That is a aluminum clad pr vinyl clad particle board door that the particle board has gotten wet and is coming apart. I used to see this quite a bit in the lower grade Larson doors. If this is one of those type doors nothing you can do other than buy something different like a foam filled model.

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Yup, next door should be of metal construction and not have any wood/wood based products in it.

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This is the outside of the storm door. Never heard of a wood storm door. Looked at Lowe's website and they had a storm door for $358.40....but, under the description, it said it was aluminum. I'm not seeing "metal" storm doors when I do a search. If they charge that much for aluminum doors, I hate to think how much a metal one would be. The only "metal" storm doors I can think of are the older ones that were a grey/silver color years ago. Maybe I should just buy a screen Not what I want, because that probably wouldn't protect my entrance door.

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Aluminum is a metal, get one with a foam core NOT a wood core.

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Look below. I have a steel door with a window/screen function, lower the top window and a screen is attached.

Here is a link that might be useful: Storm doors at Home Depot

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do you gutters over the door? are they clean? does the water drain out properly?
if you look at the last photo have a problem with the brick moulding as well..

best guess the door are corroding from the how's the water getting to the inside?

how long has the door been installed?
Pella and Larson..I think have lifetime warranties..


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