repair to cracked corian

ard1November 27, 2009

I take care of a small sailing yacht with Corian countertops in Cameo white. A very small corner of a fridge lid broke off, and I have seen the adhesive sold for glueing Corian. The problem is it's a huge amount, and expensive to buy, for such a tiny repair. The piece is maybe 2" long on the broken side. Can I use something else to glue these two bits back together? It doesn't have to look perfect, just neat and back together. Thanks for any ideas.

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I'm not a Corian specialist, but a clear, 2-part epoxy would be my first choice and you should be able to get it at a hardware store for around $5. Once you are ready to epoxy it, have some tape handy that you can apply to hold the piece in place very firmly while the epoxy sets up. Otherwise, gravity could cause the joint to creep open and you will have a less-than-perfect repair. Even masking tape will work if you apply it well and stretch it a little bit as you bridge the crack. Use multiple layers.

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Contact a local Corian dealer, there is a method to join and repair Corian.

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