Making Bridal Veil

donnas_gwAugust 9, 2014

Posted this below under "Making a bridal veil": We purchased tulle. Extra in case I needed it. I made a short veil last week with a narrow trim sewn all around the edge. Was not satisfied with the trim and that is my fault. I bought 3 spools of narrow scalloped lace with small white beads, resembling pearls. The beads are a continuous string of beads all the way down the center of the narrow lace.

There was only 2 yards of this lace per spool, and 2 yards is only going to go so far around the edge of a veil. Because of the small beads, I had no idea how to sew 2 strings of this lace together to make 1 long piece of lace. That probably would not have looked right either because I probably would have stretched the width of the lace trying to do so.

All I knew how to do was turn the beginning edge of the 2nd spool of lace under about 1/4" and place it over top of the end of the 1st spool that I had already applied, and keep sewing. I couldn't do that well enough so that where the 2 pieces of lace met would not be noticeable.

I'm only using one layer of tulle. Should I have done a rolled hem around the edges? (I didn't since I knew tulle would not ravel). I do have a serger, but haven't practiced doing the rolled hem yet. From what I'm understanding, the rolled edge is only done if you want to use 2 layers of tulle to make the veil.

I didn't use the above pattern. I found a bridal veil tutorial online and used that instead. It didn't take long to make. The most time consuming was sewing that lace on and getting the edges of lace/tulle even and trying to start the new string of lace. So....I'm going to try making another veil.

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Don't know why I even bother to post on here. Just disregard this and any of my posts

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Use a scrap of tulle for a backing.......... and use glue... butt the two ends of lace together....cut away excess tulle....voila! hardly noticeable.
Worked in a bridal for 10 years.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Since it doesn't ravel, do you need an edging at all? Though edging with a serger should be fairly easy...

You could use a sealer like fray check to seal the edges of the lace and cut them in such a way that they will just meet without raveling.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Regarding why post here, well you asked a question 4 months ago which several of us replied to without any response from you. Then 4 months later you reappear and are unhappy that you didn't get an immediate response?

Please. This forum is not a very busy one, but when people do stop by, they do try to be helpful. It would be helpful if you, as the OP, did at least acknowledge our replies so we know if they were received.

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