Last Tuesday of Spring TEA

MoccasinJune 19, 2012

Well, get ready for summer, it is almost here, when the sun reaches it highest point in the northern hemisphere, lowest point in the southern, and we have our longest day of the year. That should be worth a little cuppa tea, right?

I hope everyone gets the right amount of rainfall for the summer, and the temps do not make life outdoors difficult, because it is so wonderful to see the plants growing. I am into a hosta obsession these days, and keeping them healthy down here in the heart of Dixie takes a lot of concentration.

Plus, I am trying to focus on what I want included in the kitchen remodel while staying within my budget.

Speaking of budget, I am hoarding my money, stashing it into the kitchen piggy bank so I can add more to it than DH seems to feel it will cost. Oh yeah, a new roof and a totally new hardwood floor installed as part of the project? I'm afraid it will come at a premium since it is not new construction but remodel.

We thought about should we just leave this house like it is, and find another one, but I'm not wanting to move ever again....unless we go to Ireland...and that will depend on a couple of unmentionable things (for this forum at least) plus being able to take my THREE parrots with me. It's something a non-parrot person might not think about, but for me, the parrots are part of my family, my children, and I'd be leaving my heart behind to go without them. No way.

Only death do us part.

Yes, now I have a third parrot. I drove to Germantown NY from Mobile AL and picked up a girl African grey, a small and feminine little girl bird with a lot of personality, because her mama was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer.

This parrot and I go back to 2005 when I drove to Lake City FL and picked her up there, and took her to NY to her new home--because her first mama was dying from liver cancer. We hope that Mama #2 will respond to treatment, but she cannot keep all her parrots any more. I really feel for her, and know she is missing her feathered family as much as I would. But she owes it to her children and husband to do what she can to stay healthy for them.

Meanwhile, little Rumbles or Rummy, is sitting near me on her play perch looking out the window and chatting away, eating her pellets, and sipping on pomegranate juice. It is a peaceful sunshiny day and only 84 degrees so far today. Not a cloud in the sky, so no rain. Maybe I'll go cut the front lawn before I need a machete to get to the car!

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