creative memorie pens

DonnaOctober 28, 2001

Hi there, has anyone bought these pens and which ones did you like the best, the fine tip or the bold ones? I would like to purchase some and am just unsure of which ones to buy!! Thanks.

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My daughter uses them, but prefers the thin point as she uses them for accenting. Others use the bold for writing.

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I have both types of pens, but I prefer the thin point. The bold tip is too hard to write with.With the thin point you can do more accenting. The bold tip gives you a caligraphy look. I hope this helps.

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I just bought the gem colored bold tip pens and I love them.

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I also have both... I find it easier and neater writing with the fine tip ones. Am actually going to purchase the jewel tone ones this weekend.


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I have tried every pen on the market and they are by far the best product. I have only the fine tip pens right now and they are just wonderful. Definitely worth the money.

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