craftsman garage door opener

pawliszNovember 26, 2009

I have 1/2 hp garage door opener installed by Sears in 2005

From day one the doors start to open with a bounce and then go to normal. What causes the bounce?

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It sounds like your door is properly balanced. Release it from the opener and raise and lower it by hand. It should not be heavy and it should move smoothly. Raise it around waist high and release it. It should stay there if it is properly balanced.

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I have craftsman garage door opener model 139.53627srt that when I hit the wall button all the lights come on but the motor does nothing. What would be the problem and how do I check it? It was man. 08/94

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Door worked fine till the fiber gears stripped. Bought a kit and replaced both gears which I've done several times before without a problem. When it was all back together and I actuated the opener and it moved slightly then the light flashed and the clicking sounded 10 times indicating the sensors were bad. Checked the sensor lights and both were out. During the repair I did nothing to the sensor wiring except disconnect and reconnect it. Can't believe both sensors went bad in the couple hours it took to put in the gear kit. Would appreciate any thoughts on this situation and methods for checking the sensors. Thanks

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See your other post.

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