basement walls

dennis7997November 5, 2008

i want to use the plates and bolts through the wall into the ground. how thick of plate do i have to use and how far apart do they have to be? i'm on a tight budget and need to do this my self. any help would be great. thanks


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Just an educated guess here, but I am going to say you don't have much experience doing this type of project. My first suggestion would be for you to go and get yourself a book about this. They are readily available at all the Lowes and Home Depot stores. As to the "plates" probably treated 2x4's. I'm guessing that by "ground" you mean the concrete slab that is your basement floor. Expanding anchors 4' to 6' apart will work, spacing depends on the building codes in your area.

Spend a little on educating yourself before you do anything else or your budget will likely be blown all to **** very quickly.

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Are these to keep the wall from bowing in?

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