How do you make paper?

NewPennyOctober 27, 2001

I used to know how, I know you use water and old papers ... and you use a screen to filter it out and let it dry to make sheets of paper but ttah's all I remember. Any help would be greatly apreciated. I'd like to make som paper to make greating cards with flower petals and such in the paper, Thank you, Penny

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When I made it, I used all kinds of paper or dryer lint works too, put it in the blender with lots of water, and turned on high. USe screening or blotting tray, pour mix into screen press very well. I use lots of newspaper or old towel to blot. Let dry and pop off screen. Takes a lot of work for one nice piece.

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I've heard that old jeans can be used to make paper as well. I made it with them once when I was about 9, but can't remember how to now. Have you tried looking it up on the web? I'm sure there are instructions out there. Try this link:
Good luck!

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