Horizontal pulls (breezygirl-if you're around)

kimiko232May 9, 2012


We are finally getting the finishing touches for our kitchen. I was planning on going with knobs for the doors and pulls for the drawers. But, I can't find knobs I like to match the pulls I like- such is life.

Do you find horizontal pulls awkward when pulling? Is it comfortable?



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I am not living with mine full time yet, but I don't think they are awkward.


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An option is to instead of finding knobs to "match" the pulls, find knobs that complement the pulls and kitchen. For example - look at glass knobs or pottery knobs. Look at the same type of knobs but ones that have a different line to them. Look at knobs that have a colour to them or ones that have a theme to them. Look at something else in your kitchen area to draw inspiration from for knobs. The nice thing about knobs is that they can easily be switched out to give a different look.

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Hi Kim.

In a word--no. Not awkward. I'll reply in more detail this afternoon after I volunteer in DS's classroom.

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I found my uppers the easiest to get used to. They never felt awkward at all. The only cabs that seemed odd at first were the sink bases, probably because besides those I only have on other lower cab door--corner susan. The ergonomics of opening those to become second nature quickly. I love the visual cleanliness of all the pulls running the same direction and wouldn't change them.

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We've been using our new kitchen with horizontal pulls for 3 years now and never did it feel awkward to use them. Still love the clean and different look.

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Thank you so much for responding. I've ordered a pull to see if I like it. I think that I might be going the "weird" way like those of you!
Thank you!

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