Roof Certainteed Landmark Designer Shingle Color

roofcolorNovember 10, 2013

Need help choosing shingle color for the CertainTeed Landmark Designer architectural shingle. (page 14).

If anyone knows the cool/warm colors of this line it would be helpful.

I believe the moire black is closest to what I have. Roofer says it will be darker. I was wanting to go somewhat lighter. I live in GA where it gets over 100 in the summer. As you can see, trees are around the property. Does that mean I need to stick with a darker color due to staining? I uploaded my photo to the CertainTeed website for color selection but.......... am waiting. Hope it's not the 5-7 business days. Had a medium gray in mind, but that may not exist for my house. Would the Georgetown gray work? From the net pictures, it seems to be busy. Don't know if it is like that in person. I have a sample board of weathered wood and driftwood. Driftwood seems to be the wrong tone for my warm toned house. But, I really don't know or I wouldn't be asking. Roofer said weathered wood would read green on my house - if that's a bad thing? By the way, ignore lack of landscaping, have pulled up the foundation shrubs. Also ignore SHUTTTER & DOOR COLORS am open to changing them or maybe even removing shutters.

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I would definately not remove the shutters, they give your home character!

As for the shingle colour, I wish I could be of some help, my DH and I keep going back and forth on colours, it's ridiculous!
We've decided black is just TOO black, so it won't work!

I'm waiting from our roofer to get sample boards of:
Max Def Georgetown Gray
Max Def Colonial Grey

we have driftwood, and next to our greige looking stone (it's a combination of grey and pinkish brick) it looks too brown, moire black looks like tar paper, and regular georgetown grey is really green looking (and it's my FAVOURITE of their shingles, so nice in person, on the right house!)!
My suggestion, is get more sample boards, it's a HUGE investment!

BUT having said all that, our houses look completely different! so my experience with certain shingles, won't be the same as yours!

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I like the Georgetown gray too. It looks really good with the siding, but does not "match" the brick. Worried it would be a little too light for the brick. So if anyone has a cream/yellow or light yellow house. I believe it would look great, especially with green shutters.

Thanks for the advice on shutters. Was wondering . . . because so many of the newer homes don't have them.

Yeah, the black is very black, but "they" claim it matches everything.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

If the venting is correct, the color has little impact on attic temperatures.

A majority of your cooling happens via convection on the outside surface of the shingle.

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