Vote for marble or wood top on vanity please

missymoo12July 27, 2014

This is her new home in my powder room. She used to be a melodeon in her former life. But she is a bit too tall for her faucet to fit under the installed medicine cabinet.
It JUST fits under the mirror without the marble top. I refinished myself so its no problem to put a coat of spar on and leave as is.
If I add the marble it would do away with the detail of the carved wood trim along top edges. Plus I would have to cut down her feet- she would lose her high heels!
It is a powder room but has a shower also so may see the occasional overnite guest.
Pics of marble tiles to get an idea. Would be carerra.

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Much as I love wood, I think for that room, that vanity would look better with a marble top.

But, rather than cutting the feet (and leave that beautiful trim detail!!), why not cut a hole and sink the sink a couple of inches instead?

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Is the detailed trim carved from the wood, or is it a facade piece which is glued on? If it's the ladder, try and take it off and glue it onto the edge of the marble. then just sand and stain the edge from where you took it.

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Either way your bathroom is going to be wonderful! That is a beautiful piece of furniture. Please don't put her in flats. She wants her high heels!

Is there any way to lower the faucet? Or sell that faucet and buy a shorter one? Or raise the mirror (is it a medicine cabinet?)? You only need the teensiest bit more.

I ask all of this because as your guest using your powder room or spending the night with you, I would prefer the marble. My aunt had an absolutely gorgeous wood topped vanity.After I washed my hands, I'd spend another 10 minutes* making sure the countertop was dry, which meant moving all of her pretty tchotchkes and wiping under them. It was nerve wracking. She did not have a laissez-faire toward her stuff and it was rife with pitfalls for a klutz like me.

If you end up with marble, go for the honed. It shows fewer signs of wear.

*a slight exaggeration

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I like the marble. Get a shorter faucet.

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Matthew Condon - Indiana.Matt - IN, Zone 5/6

Love the marble.

Maybe you could remove the medicine cabinet and replace it with a larger mirror with beveled edges and a wood frame finished to match the melodeon.

Maybe remove the top of the melodeon and convert it into a frame for a mirror (keeping the molding intact, of corse). Then the mirror would match the melodeon.

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The faucet looks too high for the size of the sink, resulting in a lot of splashing. Have you tried it out yet?

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Love the vanity, the marble and the flooring. Vote to change medicine cabinet and/or faucets.

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Another vote for marble and changing the faucet. It looks a little tall anyway.

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Ok I guess everyone likes the marble instead of leaving it in the walnut. The guys are coming to template on Tuesday so I am going to ask for 2 CM. If I remove the wood top with the top carved detail, and just give her a slightly lower heel, I should be good to just clear the faucet.
My DH believes he can raise the medicine cabinet about 1/4 inch. With the tile around and grouted in this will be a PIA for just a 1/4 inch.
The faucet is staying - I love it; and the neck swivels...
There are these 1 inch tall wood pieces just on top of the legs before the main part of the lady. I am going to try to remove these. That would give me more breathing room.
The faucet just clears the mirror now so I think we'll be good.
I have a cool idea to use the trimmed top as the "counter"
in my built in linen closet that is across the room from this vanity.
I saved out the music rack and some other parts that we'll build into a whatnot shelf on the opposite wall.

Thank you all so much for clearly saying marble, it was to be marble from the beginning but with the faucet height we just have to do the dirty work to make adjustments.
I would love to have done something different for the mirror but need the medicine cab. BTW its pottery barn and not worth the $. But it's staying.

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Ok I know it's the marble but she's kinda cute "undressed"

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My DH prefers her undressed. Does that matter?

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hmmmâ¦I like it undressed. Maybe having the marble pieces sitting on it influenced. It's beautiful as it is and I don't think worth going through what you'd have to to install the marble.

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::: a lone voice cries out :::

I vote for the wood. In my experience, white marble needs just as much babying as wood.

I have something similar in my PR, vessel sink on a wood top, but mine is totally rustic.

Put a lil' marine varnish on it and you are good to go. People are way too scaredy-cat over wood. Of course, my kitchen sink has a hand hewn cherry counter surround, with wooden runnels no less, so I know of whence i speak.

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WOOD absolutely, it shows off your cute sink nicely. Much easier to change to marble later, if you decide to do that or if the wood gets nasty. Not sure you cn ever change back to the wood top if you do marble.

Let us know what you finally decide.

If you are undecided and DH has a preference - go with that. There are so many times in life where you really want things your way. It's nice to let someone else choose once in awhile, makes them feel listened to.

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i like the wood!!
but, it looks like your faucet isn't sized correctly?? looks too high above the sink- looks like it is made more for a laundry or deep kitchen sink??...

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10" kohler on L, 12" rivera on R

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Well now we're back where we started...
Originally planned marble but when I refinished it, the wood came out just stunning. The pic doesn't show it off well. It's walnut I think; so DH says lets just leave it Because if we put the hinges back in the top to either side of the sink you can tell better she was a melodeon.
I said I'll throw it to GW.
Much simpler to leave well enough alone. Move on to the rest of the house.
I am keeping the faucet. I know it looks a bit gangly in the picture but it does clear the mirror now and it is pushed back to the wall. It will come out about 4-5 inches forward when installed. It is a vessel faucet.
Does anyone know why Ipad pics come out sideways? I always take with button to side or bottom depending, and still sideways...
Thanks you all for the opinions. You guys have such good eyes and such a help to clarify.

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Another vote for wood, nothing to be afraid of. It looks lovely already.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Change the settings in your pictures option to landscape.

I like it as it is.

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I think you can not go wrong with either. I think, you really want the wood. So, that would be problem solved and less $$.

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Matthew Condon - Indiana.Matt - IN, Zone 5/6

I personalty like the look of the wood better, but don't like the idea of a wood top around water...I think it would be hard to keep protected. That's why I liked the marble idea at first.

Just thought of this idea:
Go with wood and get a glass top made to cover it. You can have the wood and protect it with the glass.

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I have to disagree with the glass idea - a good coat of Sikkens Door & Window (thanks faron) or similar outdoor wood finish would be better. If it got wet it would dry out a bit unless it was puddles, if/when the finish got really bad it could be refinished. if water got under the glass somehow it would just sit there and cause more problems - ranging from white spots to rot.

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Matthew Condon - Indiana.Matt - IN, Zone 5/6

Good thinking, ajsmama.

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Can you fit a nice piece of glass with beveled edges under the sink? I think it would fit, save the look of the nice wood and give you a waterproof surface. It may be expensive to fit the drain, but I think it would be a nice finished look and more practical than finished wood???

Sorry didn't see the glass suggestion above.


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Wood. Marble makes it look like it was made into something that it was not intended and you tried too hard to make it work and it never did. Wood!!!!

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Thanks for all the positive comments and reasons for your preferences.
My daughter saw Vanity today and said "no way should you put marble on this!!!" I came home to read all the comments and patricia's above sums it up nicely.
She will stay undressed.
I have Sikkens door and window and marine and will test how each looks on another piece.
I can lower her heels a bit.
Will post finished pics when we get the rest of the house finished.
Thanks again

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