prices on crafting tools and supplies

LiddybuffAugust 24, 2013

One thing that always puzzled me is that when ever an item is labeled as a "craft" the price is higher. Have you noticed this? For instance if you buy a tool in a craft supply store it is usually higher than the exact same tool from a home improvement store. Items like storage boxes and cabinets/tables in a home improvement store are never as high as crafting storage. I honestly think they believe that women are willing to pay more than men. I did see on TV a while back where they did a study about dry cleaners. A man took a plain white dress shirt in for cleaning. Then a woman took the very same shirt in for cleaning. They charged the woman more saying that "a woman's shirt has more contours". Remember, this was the SAME shirt. This is why I always try to "think outside the box". Ok, this item was designed for this......but what else can I use it for. A good example of this is the tackle box one woman said she used for her crafting supplies. Who cares if it isn't PINK?

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I also cross stitch and all my boxes for my floss storage are from Sports authority,for way less than at the craft store and hold more floss as well.Like you,i always think outside the box,and I love to recycle/reuse things.

Om my desk for instance I have cute painted flower pots for my pencils,pens etc.

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I love the flower pot idea. I reuse plastic baby-food containers that have lids for storing my beads for jewelry making. I like them because you can see through them well enough to know what is inside without opening them. They are also stackable.

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DH used to use babyfood jars in the garage for screws,nails etc.He used screws and screwed the lids under the shelf,so all ha had to do was screw the jars off and on.DS does the same.It's a great space saver.

I get my flower pots at the dollar store,and they don't have a hole in them so they work great for storing stuff.

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