The constant interuption to work and napping & more - pics

desertstephMay 17, 2012

It's not easy to get any work done - or any napping with this around -

If I attempt to nap I get a toy stuffed into my face or a furry body leaping over me or walking on me...

if I try to do any work she is under foot, or she isn't and I panic. What is she chewing up or tearing apart now?

does she look like the pest that she is?

my BOP got a lot of first blooms this year, but so did the bunnies! They left them on the bush for maybe a week. Sorry, no pics of the thieving bunnies.

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She is too cute - but does have a bit of a mischievous look in her eyes!

The BOP is (or was) beautiful!

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Oh yes, I can believe it. Her face says it all. What does she do at night when you are sleeping?

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Steph, your Puppy is a real pretty gal. Just think of how much "medicine" you get from the laughs she gives you. I know just what you mean about being worried because she is NOT underfoot!

Hey, I have a contender for you.

This one watches everywhere for anything you may leave behind - food, paper, kleenex - and STEALS and EATS it the moment that your back is turned. Then he has an incredibly accurate internal clock that starts him nagging at you at 7:00 pm for his dinner. Immediately afterward, he EXPECTS to be given a rawhide chew. But it can't have ever touched the floor before. Sometimes he insists that Kong Stuffing be squirted down the open spaces in a rolled rawhide. He nags you until you give him more rawhide or more squirts. He steals anything you leave within reach, or remembers where you left something out of reach and then manages to get up to it at 3 am and make everything crash down! He remembers to check the drawers in the vet's office as soon as he enters the exam room because he knows they keep treats there. And since they don't have to live with him, they all laugh and think it is funny when he opens the drawer and takes out the snacks himself. Oh, and he LOVES cappuccino. His auntie used to bring it to our house. He learned to take the paper cup off the table, set it upright on the floor, pull off the top, and lap it out of the cup.

And he is so darned cute and soft and pathetic with his "I have a brain tumor, you gotta love me because my time may be limited" attitude that you put up with all of his CARP because you know that he'll be gone someday (but not soon enough) and you will regret every harsh word you said to him.

Here is a link that might be useful: a dog photo album

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Oh Nancy, I love that look on his face. Our Gordon was a food thief too. But she knew she wasn't allowed to jump up and put her front feet on the counters, so she walked down the middle of the kitchen on her hind legs, looking to see what was left on the counters and then go take it - never once putting her feet on the counters.

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yeah, I WAS so proud of those blooms!

as for what she does at night - sleeps outside in her pen! lol! I really don't know what to do with her this summer tho. I hate to make her stay outside, tho my boy did. girl did a lot too. they liked the outside. Boy was terrified to come inside (I brought him in once - he hated it). and girl was fine til she got older - like about 7 or so. Puppy did spend last summer outside but it was a rather mild summer here. I don't think it'll be mild this summer. Puppy is already eagerly dragging me to the new place in the afternoons. she still isn't real sure of the steps but is doing better on them. She fell off of them on one of the first days we went over there.

nancy - can't imagine a dog that can open drawers! It'd be all over for me... I totally know about letting them get away with almost murder because they're sick -lol! I spent the last yr apologizing to my girl for anything I ever said harshly, yelled at her abour or denied her. I was up and down all night long, every night taking her out for a walk and /or fixing her something to eat. I'd be up at 2 am making her eggs, a sweet potato or chopping her a carrot. I even made her mini turkey sandwiches when I had one...

and food thief? my old girl once stole half of a cinnamon roll (with maple icing) that I had (in a bag) on the vcr (for my late night snack). She must have stole it when I was getting my dinner - then heard me returning. I forgot about it until I curled up in bed for the night. I found it - it was tucked under my PILLOW! no longer in a bag either.

yeah, pup is medicine (mostly). my other 2 were also. I think they kept me going the 1st 8 yrs I was sick and hardly ever out of bed. I knew I had to force myself to feed them, fill the pools and water dishes etc.

and that's part of the reason I got puppy a yr ago while girl was still here. I sure didn't need more to do this past yr.

the crazoid went nutso a few hrs ago. I went out to see what was wrong. A tiny bit from a tumbleweed was blowing around by her and she was in full attack mode - except she couldn't reach it. It was tormenting her - all about 4 or 5 inches of it along with the maybe 2 'branches' on it, each maybe 2 inches. As any mom would do, I charged out there to the offending tumbleweed and stomped it to death. Then she was fine and ready to play catch.

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Steph, you are such a good dog mommy!

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lol - thx nancy! I wanted a dog to protect ME tho! and here I have to go out and pretend to be protecting her from a tumbleweed, a teeny weeny piece of paper floating by, or even if the bucket out there gets blown over - any little thing! She doesn't like anything to be flapping, floating, blowing or flying by. I don't think she even likes the flag across the road blowing in the wind. or loud noises. or birds or planes. She doesn't even like the wind - she tries to attack it!

I'm thinking of naming her Syko.

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Oh I love that name. We had a cat once that dh named PschyoKitty.

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LOL Steph. She is darling.

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I've had her a yr now and haven't settled on a name. I call her a lot of things... Syko does fit her. I backed off of it thinking it might warp her mentally and emotionally. OTOH, I really think those are both lost causes... lol!

or Snickers - those have nuts in 'em, right?

I always give my dogs an 'S' name. Stinker would be good too. or Smonster.

I do wish she'd learn to bark at strange people who show up here tho. Last month the tire guy came and changed my tire. He could have stole all 4 of 'em. He said she just sat there and watched him. Of course, I slept thru it - but then, I'm used to a dog who will bark like the world is ending if someone puts a foot (or tire) on the property...

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