anyone familiar with flat pattern class?

carol4457August 18, 2007

I have taken several fashion classes at the local community college and have been greatly disappointed. The instructor starts out great but then falls flat, we have never accomplished all the goals promised of any of the classes and I have learned very little. Now she is promising that this Flat Pattern Class will teach how to make patterns fit... I guess. I have asked her several times what the class is about and she keeps saying the same thing, but since I don't know what flat pattern is I don't know what kind of questions to ask. I have told her how frustrated I get because I can't find anyone to help me with fitting and books teach only so much, you really need a person to help. I am currently unemployed and $195.00 is a lot of money, especially if this class will be as poor as the others. Can someone explain to me what I should expect from this class? I don't understand how making a cardboard figure one quarter real size will help me to get purchased patterns to fit without making a bunch of muslins first. I have no interest in making my own designs, I only want to get purchased patterns to fit without wasting time and a ton of money. I need to know by this Tuesday so if anyone can shed light on this topic I would be very grateful!! Thanks!

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If this instructor has failed at reaching her own goals as far as teaching her last several classes, I'd save my money.

Furthermore, since she is talking about "making a figure one quarter size," that sounds like drafting flat patterns from scratch, to me. It will likely cover how to make a basic block or sloper, and how to manipulate the sloper to make your own designs. That has very little to do with your current interest.

If she "keeps saying the same thing" and you don't understand what she means, and she doesn't get that you don't understand, maybe she's not the teacher for you! Frankly, she doesn't sound very good. She may be hedging on the definition because she needs a minimum number of students to hold the class, or it will be cancelled, and she'll lose out on being paid.

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At our CC we are give a survey of sorts to critique the class and the teacher. If you are unhappy with the teacher's ability you should let the school know.
Generally when a teacher offers to teach a class they present a written description of the course study.
You need a class in fitting and altering patterns. I took a class 10 years ago in french pattern making and fitting. It was great I only buy patterns for the designs and use my measurements to make adjustments. DH helps me update my measurements yearly.
Hope this helped.

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Here is a course description that might help you decide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Check it out!

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I agree with msmarion. The commuity college should have a critique for each student to fill out at the end of the class - signed or not as the student choose.

I've taken several classes at our area vo-tech, & one was HORRIBLE. I wrote my critique at home & handed it in as I knew the form wouldn't have nearly enough room. I think I had 3 pages (it's been awhile, but it was lengthy). What really upset a lot of us was to learn this teacher had had the same type feedback previous years, the school didn't hire her, then did!!! Guess they didn't learn quickly enough.

Even tho your classes have been over, I suggest sending a letter to the school. Tell them of your disappointments with this instructor and the lack of answers re: this particular class. If other students feel the same way, encourage them to write, too.

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Back in the day, when I attended a college that specialized in Home Economics education, a flat pattern class was offered. It taught the student how to draft her own pattern from scratch. Draping was also taught; that taught how to drape the fabric on a dressmaker form without using a pattern. That's my understanding of it, altho I didn't take the classes b/c I switched to Fashion Merchandising (and then dropped out to get married...dumb!).


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