OK to mix cabinet door styles?

applecat79May 29, 2013

I am getting ready to remodel the kitchen in my 1962 split-level home I just purchased. I want to use Ikea cabinets since I am remodeling a large kitchen on a small budget. I am going for a modern look and had envisioned a handful of upper cabinets with slab doors in a high-gloss white finish and the base cabinets with slab doors in a wood tone finish. I really love the idea of mixing white and wood. Unfortunately, I do not like any of the wood-tone slab doors currently offered at Ikea. So I'm wondering if I could still use the high-gloss slab uppers mixed with a medium-brown shaker style doors for the base cabinets? Would it look odd to use two styles of doors?

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Sure. I think this is a great idea.

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Actually, it's a federal crime under 19 USC 1492, punishable by forfeiture, a fine of up to $10,000 and up to 18 months in prison.

Just kidding.

Of the many aspects of remodeling a kitchen, there is one that is completely under your control -- the aesthetics. If it looks right to you, then it's right. If your friends, in-laws,r relatives or the cable guy disagree, the cure is to ban them from your kitchen.

If you like mixed door/drawer styles, then it's OK. We do it all the time..

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If it helps, Semihandmade in California makes wood slab doors for IKEA cabinets--maybe something there would fit your vision? They are a little pricier than IKEA doors but are really lovely (and come pre-drilled for the IKEA cabinet boxes).

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robo (z6a)

I don't love the idea of shaker + slab myself. I agree with you that Ikea's slab wood right now isn't the biggest selection ever. I heard a rumor non-whitewashed birch is coming back some time soon, like, August 2013, but haven't found an update on that one.

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Plenty of us have shaker doors and slab drawers and it's intentional. Mine are all painted white, so maybe it ties them together better.

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I did what you're considering. I say go for it.

My remodel was somewhere a facelift in one part of the kitchen, and a demo/rebuild in another. One section of my finished kitchen has raised panel doors, and the other has recessed panel doors with trim.

Aesthetically, it totally works, and honestly, I've never had anyone even notice the 2 very different styles. Only the TKO tend to notice these details-- most people just see the room as a cohesive whole that's aesthetically pleasing.

IMO, the key is to have many related elements tying the kitchen together, and it'll all come together aesthetically.

In our case, all of the cabinets are the same shade of white, and the counters are all the same Danby marble. The b-splash materials are also consistent, and I used glass-fronted cabinets among both sets/types of cabinets to pull it all together. Finally, the cabs are all double-stacked, with glass uppers.

Good luck!

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I think your idea is a very creative mix of two affordable products.

I would try to get a lowers configuration so the wood grain goes the same way on all of the surfaces. It makes me dizzy to see the grain on the doors going horizontal, and the grain on the doors going vertical. You might find a stock style that does this by default on the all drawer units.

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Also, look on Houzz for ideas. I have an idea book under GW name. I tagged lots of white and wood kitchens. I'm really loving walnut right now.

Another thing that might give a 60s vibe is a ceiling flush mount light fixture instead of recessed lights or a pendant. Why not go totally retro and install what would have been the standard for the period?

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I'm debating, on my kitchen, if it would look awful to do shaker-style doors on the perimeter (in white) and raised panels on the island (maple, stained a very deep brown). The island is pretty big and will have shelves on either end -- or should we do the furniture legs instead?

Are the two styles too mixed?

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I have white shaker on my perimeter but a less flat style on my fridge/pantry wall and then even more detail with a raised panel on my island and hutch (3 different finishes too). I definitely think you can mix -- just have it make sense. Keep them related, make the differences intentional.

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I agree with lascatx.

I have raised panel overlay on my perimeter, which is white, and the same raised panel overlay on my island, which is espresso. A separate section of my perimeter, which comprises the stove alcove and flanking cabinetry, is the same white as the other white cabs, but is full-flush with a bead, and raised panel doors.

It all ties in beautifully, IMHO, because the sections all relate to each other. The Danby marble counters are the same, in an effort to pull it all together. Although I have that same slab marble behind the range, the b-splash behind the cabs flanking the range is the same tile as the rest of the b-splash behind the white perimeter cabs.

Also pulling it together are glass-fronted double-stacked uppers in both perimeter sections, and the same drawer pulls and cabinet knobs throughout.

So, like Lascatx says, "keep it related" and it can be gorgeous.

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Are you talking about the Abstrakt doors in white and Ramsjo or Adel in wood? If yes, I think the high gloss finish of the Abstrakt may be more of an issue than the door style. Could you consider Gnosjo or Sofielund? They are melamine foil, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Gnosjo

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Also, there used to be a Nexus brown/black. Maybe you can find some of these cabinets somewhere.

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We mixed-up the Ikea doors in our small condo kitchen. Worked out well and we like the look. We used Adel on top and a slab door they stocked at the time for the bottom cabinets

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Thanks, everyone, for sharing your ideas and options! To clarify I was contemplating doing Abstrakt high-gloss white upper cabinets with Adel medium-brown base cabinets. I would prefer the base cabinets to be slab like Sofielund or Gnosjo but I just do not like the color of those doors. I have been searching the internet for a solution and found a company that makes custom doors for Ikea cabs in the style I was looking for. The only downside is that it will be significantly more expensive, especially since we would save 20% off during the Ikea kitchen sale next week. Does anyone know when Ikea typically introduces new door styles/colors? If I knew something better was coming from Ikea I could live without doors for a couple more months! Thanks :)

PS, @Xand83 - I really like your base cabinets. If Ikea still sold those that is what I would go for!

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Well, IKEA Europe currently (UK) has a new oak flat front door, but it's very rustic looking.

(unrelated, but they also have the Lidingo in grey).

Could you get the Nexus and stain it dark?

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Depending on how many doors/drawer fronts you need, you can also look on Ebay. There are still some offered.
Or get a Nexus light door and play around with General Finishes gel stain.

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I'm mixing color and style. My style change is recessed compared to raised doors. Both are the same style door. I say if you like the look go for it. My drawer stack would have slab drawer on top and shaker below so it can be done. I'm changing them to all be shaker drawers since I wasn't looking for a slab look anywhere.

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