Tuesday Tea...how was your Mother's Day?

lavender_lassMay 15, 2012

It's Tuesday, so I thought it would be nice to have tea...and see if everyone had a nice weekend and Mother's Day. We had a great time, visiting both our moms. Found a pretty pink azalea for my husband's mom (indoor plant) and a lovely, fragrant, florabunda rose (I think it's called Angel Face) for my mom.

It's been beautiful weather (high 70s) but is expected to drop about 10 degrees in the next few days. The garden is full of grass and dandelions (all that rain) but still lots of things budding out and overall, it looks very pretty. Once I get the weeding done, I'll take some pictures.

So, I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday and enjoy your tea...or beverage of your choice :)

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Hi Lavender-It's so wonderful to see all the blooming plants isn't it ? Sounds like you had a very nice day.
I spent Mother's Day exercising at the park and trying to keep my mind busy because I miss my Mom so very much. :>(
Today was drizzling and great weather for walking around the track(not cold not hot) UNTIL I got drenched. I did get to speed walk 1 mile at the track plus it's a 1 mile walk back home(I took the bus to the park) and I did my neck/back exercises so it was better than not going ! My goal that I'm working at achieving is 4-5 mile speed walk a day. and increasing my sit ups/push ups.
Before I have my tea I must have my Greek salad and homemade cream of mushroom soup...I forgot how much I love cream of mushroom and cream of celery soups. It's great time of year for stinging nettle soup ...

enjoy your Tuesday

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It has been our prettiest spring that I can remember here. The azaleas & dogwoods were beautiful earlier this year & now my hydrangeas are in full bloom. Oh how I love spring!

My Mother's Day was both good & sad. Spent the day with my MIL, her 7 children & their families. We all went to church & then to her house for lunch. Was good to visit with them all. On my way home, put flowers out for my Mom & Dad and grandparents. Miss them so much. Did get to visit with my Daughter & her 3 children. That always brightens my day.

Oh I wish I could get motivated to exercise!! Plan to go home after work & weed in my garden - does that count??? Wish we could get some of your rain Lavender. It's really dry here.

Time for my afternoon tea break. You all have a great day.

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A friend and I went greenhouse hopping this morning, home by noon so I could start to mow. Done with that at 2pm, so put the kettle on for tea. Meanwhile, took the drapes down from the schoolhouse door and removed the insulation I keep up against it (inside) during winter. Then opened it up for some fresh air to flow throughout the house on this sunny, 78 degree day. By that time the kettle whistled and I sat down with a pot of tea. Got up just once more to plant a Golden Allysum plant and then called it quits for the day. I just now came in and still haven't changed out of my work clothes.

Probably time to shut the door again and clean up. Congrats on the walking exercises Eatrealfood. I'm working on getting in better shape, too. Like Lass, I should do more weeding but not today.

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Oops, forgot. Didn't do anything on the actual day for Mom, but yesterday my brother and I helped edge and spread 3yds. of mulch on all her beds and borders. It was hard work! I was so tired last night.

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We didn't do anything for Mother's Day. Took his mom out to dinner and dd#1 made muffins for breakfast. I'm not one for Hallmark holidays, so that was ok with me.

I'm not feeling that great right now. Isn't it chamomile tea that settles a stomach?

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Try boiled fresh ginger for an upset stomach also. It is also very good to drink when you are internally cold, if you catch a bad chill or feel like you are getting sick as it one of those rare spices that actually warm you from the inside out. If it's too spicy just add 1/2 tsp honey to your cup. Chewing on dried fennel seeds or eating fresh fennel is very good after a meal too.

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Thanks for asking LL. I had Mothers day visit with my Mom on the phone Saturday night before.Was a fun visit. Too far to travel to AZ from here so phone has to do.

I am not a mom to other then fur babies and so glad of it.

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Thanks EatRealFood. I think I had a low fever for most of the day but it finally broke an hour or two ago. I guess I either had a stomach bug or let my candida get out of control and I had a killer headache along with it. Once the headache eased, my stomach finally settled too.

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I had a great Mother's Day. I am a stay at home mom to a toddler and DH works 70+hrs during the week, so Mon-Fri I am pretty much a single parent. My only request for Sunday was some alone time followed by dinner made by DH and DD. It was heavenly. I went and saw a movie all alone, got some lunch and then came home and read a book in bed and took a nap. DH and DD got home around 5pm and we had a really nice dinner and some quality family time.

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