When Pigs Fly

MoccasinApril 8, 2012

For a couple of years now, a Carolina wren couple nested in my pig flower pot on the railing of our deck. Just outside the back door, so I moved a pot of bougainvillea in front of the pig to give them some privacy and a sense of security. We call them the "Pig Family."

Well, yesterday the PIGS FLEW.

It turned out there were five babies this year. Wow, what a surprise. I was taking pictures of the four out of the nest, and then the Papa bird sat there warbling with a piece of bug in his mouth, and I looked back at the Pig nest, and woops, there was baby number FIVE sitting there all alone. I was concerned s/he would be separated from the family. It took about five minutes before it decided to make the move, and then the last Pig flew!!

What a great day, what a privilege to be a part of the natural world. Goodbye Pig Family, stick around an eat some slugs.

Click the picture and it will take you to the album on Flickr where all 22 photos of the grand event are on view.

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how sweet is that!?

I have a bird family living in the window of my hall bathroom. between the glass and the screen. the window doesn't shut tight and they've squeezed in again this yr for protection! I do plan on getting a new handle so I can crank it shut tight but for now I have to wait to be sure they've vacated!
but once again there's dirt and weeds on the inside in the tub below the window.

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How cute! I never get the interesting birds nesting near me. Just sparrows and mockingbirds. Have seen a roadrunner in the backyard lately though.

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