replacing cedar shake roof & need advice

jwalker678November 24, 2012

I have attached pictures of my 20 yr old shake roof. Five years ago several neighbors got their roofs replace by insurance following a hale storm. My insurance company adjuster inspected my roof along with the roofing contractor that said I too had damage and required a new roof. The aduster said that my roof was worn but not sufficiently damaged by hale or wind. Of course the roofer didn't put up any argument and I subsequently replaced my insurance company. The estimate at that time to repalce with shake was $31k. I have not had any leaking but I am confident my roof is at the end of its useful life and plan to repalce the roof within the next 6 months. I will likely go with architectural shingle as I expect it will be half the cost. We do plan on staying in this house for the long term so I want something that will look good and last. Any advice on the following would be appreciated:

1.lots of contractors here in st.louis. Beyond getting several bids, anything I should know?

2. Is there a brand or particular shingle that is recommended?

3. suggestions on color?

4. anything specific to changing from shake to asphalt?

5. anything about ventilation I should consider?


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If the shingles are on lath that will have to be removed and the roof sheathed in plywood,you mean need to have the soffits redone with vents, so while Architectural Shingles may be cheaper your labor and other material costs will be higher due to plywood install. I would suggest going with an Owens Corning or GAF shingle and just as important as getting bids is checking references for the roofing contractors

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I would go with a three-tab roof - there are a wide varieties of color that would match your paint scheme. I would recommend adding vents on your peaks and an thermostat-controlled attic fan. 1/2" plywood sheathing and 50 pound roof paper.

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Is a three-tab a type of architectural shingle? Is it the look or are there other reasons to use this?
Good info, thanks.

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Fori is not pleased

Millworkman has a valid point--when I redid my shake roof, GOOD architectural shingles (that don't look cheap) would not be significantly cheaper when one has to have the decking added.

Plus they still don't look as good.

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