Sears Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door (Not)Opener

wearpNovember 19, 2009

I have a chain-drive Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door opener. It stopped about 12" from the floor this afternoon and the chain jumped off the sprocket. I put the chain back on and pressed the button - Jumped again. Put the chain on, pressed it once more. The sprocket scheered off. Is it worth fixing? How? What would have been causing the problem. There is nothing in the way of the door or the tracks. I even turned the up and down force controlst to normal.

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My dad just experiance this issue on his garage door recently.

You can get the new parts from Sears and replace the gear and sprocket. Average hand tools, (don't need a torch or a welder)lol to do this. The parts took about a week to get and total time replacing it was about an hour start to finish.

Price for the parts was far more economical than replacing the unit.

Be sure to unplug the unit before servicing and oil/grease the track the chain travels on as well as the door rollers and tracks.

Good luck

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