need help in rehanging inside door

giggheeNovember 2, 2009

while painting three doors were removed and not marked as to where they were to return to. I was able to figure out one as it had a handle with a lock. One other worked okay on guest closet and when putting up the last one in the bath room closet, after hanging it I tried to close the door and it started to pull the wood from the frame. I've lived with this for over 7 years and really need to get it fixed and move on. I know that there is someone here that can help me as there always has been in the past. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help will be greatly appreciated,

Gig Ghee

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If you were able to re-mount the door, it was probably the right one as hinges usually have slight placement variations and it can be hard to get the hinges back together when you don't have the right door. Assuming this is the right door for the jamb, when exactly does this problem occur? When it starts to close? When it is almost closed? What? Could you have damaged the jamb or a hinge mounted on the jamb when re-hanging the door by torquing one of the hinges when you only had one hinge pin in? Have you closely examined the door and jamb clearances to see if there is some small projection that is interfering with the closing?

Please provide more detail and a picture if possible.

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