what is that smell?

penybrynNovember 28, 2010

My house is a split level with a walk out basement. The powder room is off the basement family room, 3 steps down from the kitchen/dining area which is at slab. There is nothing underneath. It was remodeled about a year ago.

We have not had any problems with our plumbing. Our other 2 bathrooms are fine. The toilet and sink in the powder room work fine, except for the bad odor of cooked broccoli that started 4 days ago. If you keep the door closed to the room, it builds up. If its open, its not as bad but detectable.

We had the stack pipe on the roof checked for blockage. Water was run down it and it was blown out with air. Nothing.

We are on public sewer and water.

The floor is tile so its not stinking carpet. We do use this bathroom everyday.

What the heck is that smell?

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Is there a floor drain? If so, perhaps the trap has lost its water, and you're getting sewer gases? Not that I'd call that broccoli.

Maybe there's mould growing somewhere? Under the vanity, or the shower recess is leaking?

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Have you cleaned the sink trap? It may drain, but if it's filled with hair etc, that could be the source.

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