Hoe should I hem a wedding dress that is too long?

textilejoAugust 27, 2006

My daughter has just bought wedding dress from a friend and it is too long. The bottom has an edging that is beaded that can easily be taken off and then I can hem the dress. It also has 2 other layers of silk and then a layer of netting.

My question is would it be be easier to try to adjust the length by taking the bodice off the dress and taking the length off from there? Would that not change the structure/design of the dress?

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Hemming, even 4 layers, might be easier.

If you try to take up the waist you also have to re-shape all the layers of skirting.

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You can choice one of these's or do something else.
1. You can just keep picking up the dress and holding it. When I got married my dress was to long for me, I just pick it up all the time.
2. This thought came afterwards. Make a loop to put on the dress. You know in the old movies, the woman has a loop on her wrist while she is dancing. The loop is made towards the bottom of the dress and as lift the loop up it holds all the layers of the dress. I hope you understand this idea. You will.

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I see I need to check my spelling before I post:-) that should be HOW not Hoe:-)

I had a feeling that trying to shorten the dress at the bodice would not work but hey you never know!

I do have a lot of time from now until April to hem the dress. The loop in the hem might work if the dress was not so wide and it is longer in the back with a sort of train design.

Thanks for your posts~~~~~~~~

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Well, that loop is not meant to be strung over your wrist. It's just a loop to slide over the top of the hanger to make the dress easier to hang. It's also a convenient way to handle the south end of the dress while arranging for pictures and such.

Since the lace edging can be easily removed, here's how it's done in a bridal shop:

Have your daughter try on the dress with the shoes she will wear that day.

If the underlayers are too long, have DD hold up the outer layers while you pin up the inner ones.

I'll bet the tulle is attached to a nylon underskirt. You can save time and just take a big seam where the gathering starts. (Otherwise, you'd hem the nylon and cut the tulle - big time-waster)

Does the dress have a train that needs to be bustled? That's done next. Use great big safety pins to pin the center back up first, so it clears the ground. Pin up the sides next. One side will look better than the other, it always does. Make a note which side you like, so you can copy the pin marks to the other side. Leave the dress bustled.

Now pin up the hem. Make a fold just above the lace edging. Pin the top of the lace into place at the hem. You'll be making one horizontal pleat across the front of the dress. It will taper to nothing on the sides, where you've pinned up the bustle.

Have your DD walk a little bit to make sure this is working for her, but remind her to look straight ahead, not down at her feet.

I then put a pin in the skirt just above the top of each lace motif, or every other one. After I pick the lace off the dress, I pin the lace back on at the pins. (I even out the sides here, too)

Then sew the lace back on.

The dresses are usually hemmed one inch from the ground. If she dances with her new hubby at the reception, standing close to him will push the dress down a bit, so it's ill-advised to go any longer.

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