Spring preview this weekend

columbiascJanuary 30, 2011

One of the nice things about living in the South is that you get the occassional warm up smack in the middle of winter. This weekend was like that. Two weeks ago we had ice and snow. Yesterday and today we had temps in the low 70's. I spent just about the entire weekend outside and have the rosy nose (and clean truck) to prove it. We've had some forsythia bloom here and there and if you look close you can see the first and over-eager bulbs popping up to take a peek. Before you know it we'll get another cold blast that sends us back inside in search of warmth but it was a great preview of things to come in about another 6 weeks! To me, that is the start of the new year, not some random day on a calender but the day the plants wake up start smiling again.


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Here too. Lovely weekend, and my daffodils have had green shoots for a couple of weeks. And now ice is in the forecast for Tuesday

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Scott, glad to see you posting. There is a new thread about a 120 sq ft house being built, just a link to the blogspot for progress. But thought about you.

It's been close to 70 here for two days I think, but we've had lots of rain overnight and drizzling all day. All I have blooming outdoors are the camellias. Indoors, my potted bougainvillea is showing green/white flowers, the begonia is gorgeous. The berries on the asparagus fern are bright red. Outdoors, the newly planted big blueberry bushes are showing fat buds which means they like the new space they are in. Hope the produce this year.

And DH was wielding the sawzall to the old huge azalea bushes that covered our back forty. By the time I got home from the doctor, he had sawzed them down to a nub, and our new strip of land is looking big and rich with black dirt. And three young pecan trees. I cannot wait to move all my aspedistra (cast iron plants) around the perimeter so our dachshund girl won't be tempted to dig under the fence. I am a lover of mostly greenery if it has a tropical feel, and can do without blossoms with a few exceptions. Our springs are so short, it doesn't pay to plant many things for a spring show....too short lived.

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