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MoccasinJanuary 29, 2012

Two days ago ... about 2 days after I ORDERED this new computer, the HP 520-1070 Smart Touch or Touchsmart whatever ... I had the big box sitting beside the loveseat in the study. DH comes in every morning with his cuppa coffee and reads the online papers for about two hours.

That happened yesterday and even this morning.

Only THIS morning, I'd gotten this big DIFFERENT looking thing set up and it was TURNED ON too, 23" monitor but no tower.

Do you think he saw it? Nope. It has a touch screen which lets me write notes ... handwritten notes ... across the big touch sensitive area. I wrote HI..DO YOU SEE ANYTHING DIFFERENT? I don't suppose so, because he did not even see the note. hehehehe

Plus, after I took the thingy out of the big box, I sat the box in the bathtub and just draped the bathmat across its top. Just a test, you see. Because he was in the bathroom finishing touches to the new wall-mounted cabinet behind the toilet. Took all his tools out, and turned it over to me to finish off and start filling with bath items for so long in boxes and drawers waiting for this job to be done. Just since Thanksgiving which is 60 days?

Ok, so no luck with him seeing it. Just like he was so busy the other day when the big truck pulled up out front to deliver the new BERTAZZONI, he was unaware that it was there, or that I came out, opened up the Teahouse, two big brawny black delivery guys dollied it into there, unpacked the main crate, and then sat out front waiting on their next delivery for about 30 minutes.

Well, after lunch today, I said I had three things to show him. First was the potted hosta which have begun sprouting out already (and he could not see the dozen big pots in the back yard). Then the new range...which he thought was absolutely fine workmanship...he says Italians can make beautiful products, and I agree. I am so pleased with that stove! And then for the third thing, I took him into the study and said what do you see? Then I had to point it out, even after he'd been in the room earlier today. Sigh.Not like I was in a closet with it...we share one long desk in front of the windows, so it is close enough to bite him really.

Well, I am up and running but not full speed because I must transfer stuff from the old XP computer to this Win7. I just remember the GWeb stuff, I come here so often. And this is IE9, and I do not use IE but Firefox. However, IE9 does allow Norton Identity Safe, which I really appreciate and will thus continue with IE9 for a while to see if it is better than IE7 that messed me up with Farmville, back in the day when I played online games.

I play one game on my phone, which is ANGRY BIRDS, absolutely LOVE IT. There is a version of it for Google Chrome browser, but I'm not able to adapt to the "open concept" of Chrome, and feel lost w/o the Windows approach to browsing. Although I hear that Windows will also lean more toward the open concept with future browsers. What I like to do is to be able to GO BACK to where I was, that BACK arrow is all important to me.

Well, it is a lovely Sunday morning. Going to be cool tonight, but nothing the garden cannot handle. However, I've been very distressed and grieved for about a week or so. My brother had a biopsy of his liver. Then a few days ago he got the results of it. He is holding up pretty well considering what he is facing. I am still a basket case, and want to be strong for him. He came over Friday to pick up some window shutters I found at Habitat Restore, with his son, and he really hugged me AND my DH. I never thought that something would happen to him first, he is younger than I am. He has always enjoyed life, living it to the fullest. I hope he has no regrets. If nothing else, my parrot Kimali speaks in his voice, and so my brother will forever be with me, every day, and when Kimali tells me Good Night, I'll hear my brother. Pray that surgery gets the cancer and he lives many years w/o pain.

Love you all. Life is so precious.

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ML- Prayers for you and your brother. Life IS precious, and we should try to live it to the fullest, not just go through the motions. I find I have to force myself to really look at the world around me- really look at it, not just avoid tripping over things. Life is a precious gift, not to be wasted.

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I am sorry to hear about your brother, ML. I hope his treatment is going well. Sometimes it is harder for the loved ones than for the person with the illness. You feel so unable to do anything to help heal him. You want to take action, to do SOMETHING, but it is out of your hands and you feel helpless. I send you thoughts of caring and love, and your brother thoughts of healing and strength.

I am using Google Chrome, and it does have a back button. You can open tabs at the top to have more windows open. If you like to have things like the "file" button and whatnot, DH says that you can add them back in. Let me know what you mean by the "open concept" and we can see if we can help you out. I avoid the evil EI, too, but Chrome may be just as bad, or worse, with collecting info on you for marketers.

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I haven't checked in here for some time!

so sorry ML to hear about your brother. Hope all is as well as can be expected for him.

and also your dh. that doesn't sound good. Is he just distracted? something on his mind?

prayers for all of you!

I often have to remind myself to take in life around me. One thing I loved about walking girl thru out the night was looking at the sky - the stars, the moon. And just talking over our life with her - of course, i did the talking but she agreed with everything.
I need to remind myself at least once a day and even then it can float right outa my brain within seconds.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

ML, sorry to be chiming in so late. I'm sorry to hear the news about your brother's diagnosis--I just said a prayer for him and also for you. I pray that God gives you both strength and peace.

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