How to attach baton/wand to grommet curtain

qmarkerAugust 10, 2010

I'm stuck!! I've never had grommet curtains but want them in my new condo. I don't know how easily they push-pull but I'd like to add a drapery wand because the windows are tall and I don't want to ruin the fabric in any way by grabbing it too low.

How on earth can I add a baton/wand to a grommet drape or curtain when there is no hook. Can I sew something to hook the wand to, and where would the placement be?

I'm thinking "hook and eye" Am I way off track here?

Thank you for your thoughts, Donna

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I have never had grommet curtains but I would put a ring with the baton attached, on the rod between the last 2 grommets. I wouldn't attach it to the curtain at all. If you sew on a hook stress is going to be on the sewnhook and pull on the drapes. Attaching it to the rod however puts no strain on the curtain at all. Just make sure your gromets are bigger than the rod so the grommets slide easily

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I'd like to use a baton/wand thing to pull curtains that are just ruched over the rod. Is there a way to do this without ruining the curtains? Not sure how to attach it. These curtains also have some stringy things to (I think) put through rod to make them look more pleated. Maybe I could attach to those?

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Rodpockets are not meant to be opened and closed, unless you attach them to rings. IOW, treat like a flat panel.
Not sure what the stringy things are.
You could also use tiebacks to open them up.

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I found this "special grommet" on-line.

Here is a link that might be useful: grommet

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