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danaohAugust 15, 2006

I make scarves for dogs - going to first event next month. How much to charge? I have checked the internet - everywhere from $5 to $50 (that is ridiculous, just a small piece of cotton, but they claim it is a special beach design of some sort).

I was thinking $5 for most, $7 for the really big. But they are so easy to make. I handsew velcro on the ends instead of having them tied. I do that while watching TV. I have over 100, so would really like to move them. Help?

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I think the $5/$7 price is reasonable, any one wanted a custom made I would charge $15/20. I am curious my dogs will get the scarves off of each other by tugging on them, does the velcro work? Have been looking at my favorite thread place and they have a pattern for a denim doggy jacket, it is so cute, scroll down the page and you will see a Yorkie in it. good luck on your venture

Here is a link that might be useful: sewthankful/denim doggy coat

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I love the denim jacket - but I don't get that complicated in sewing for my own dog. She weighs about 10 lbs. I go to the thrift store and buy her size 3-6 month clothes. She has a Jordasche denim jacket, with pink stitching. It cost $1.95. Hard to imagine what the (probably) grandma paid for it originally. She has all kinds of jackets, t-shirts, sweaters and onesies. I put elastic through the bottom hem so the air doesn't rush up her tummy. I love to sew, but this is easier and cheaper.

what did you mean by custom? I only have one dog (not from lack of trying, hubby is the one home all day). I consider the velcro a safety feature. They can be tugged off if caught on something (or another dog) rather than choking them. Mine is a maltese/poodle (rescue).

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I do the baby clothes thing too, I have a mix silky/terrier about 12 lbs. but 11 yers old, she is getting grouchy, doesn't like to put on clothes that require her front legs to be handled. By custom I meant, folks who want a special fabric maybe with a name or object on it. when I did purses, if someone requested a fabric and trim, that cost more. I have used the velcro on the underside/bellyside of a coat to make it easier to put on, works ok until she starts pulling on it. My grandsons have two dogs, and when we put a scarf on them they tug at each other until they get the scarf off then run around the yard with it in a game of catch me if you can!

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I make the doggy scarves with the pocket (like a rod pocket for a curtain) for the collar to go thru. It works well and the scarves stay on. Two friends of mine found them at a craft show, took one look, bought two, said, "Kathy can make these" and gave them to me. Now their dogs have scarves for every holiday! Plus I make them reversible!
Kathy G in MI

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I would love to make dog scarves that go over the dogs collar....someone posted about this in 06!! I love and have 3 dogs but don't sew much. I do have a serger.
HELP anyone with some easy ideas.....can it be serged
without any needs the rod pocket thing to
put the collar thru! Thanks

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Hi Sue,
Right now I'm down in Florida and my dog scarf pattern is way up north in northern Michigan! Email me thru my page in April and I would be happy to send you patterns and instructions then (don't have my own computer here). I used my serger to make the scarves. I think there is one line of regular stitching, but you could hand sew that!
Kathy G not in MI right now

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