Craftman garage opener and remote controls

hinhphamNovember 14, 2008

Hi all,

It has stopped working for a week. Whenever I stand inside garage and press the button on my remotes (I have 4 remotes), it works, opens and closes easily, but when I stand outside of the garage the remotes don't work (not at all when it is closed, 2 out of 10 work when it is opened but stand just outside the garage door).

Also, It had happened the same about month and a half ago, but at the time I only reset (reprogramed) the homelink button in my car that I used as a GDO remote.

We also tried a used Craftman garage opener that my brother has, and it was still working. Replaced the one that I am having problem with the remotes. The problem is the same.

I plan to take my GDO to my brother's house and try in his closed garage to see it will be working to determine that there is any interference around my house.

Any suggestion would be appriciated!


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It sounds like the receiver is going bad but it will be interesting to know what you find at your brothers house. Please post back and let us know the results.

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Yes, It worked fine at my bro's house. it has been so frustrated to play around with all week long. I decided to purchase a new Craftsman at Sears. Before purchasing the new GDO, called the tech support line, gave up after holding for 15 min.

Installed the new GDO, I did not have any problems of opening or closing from outside w/ my new remote but my wife did have problem this morning, eventhough I tested her new remote last night and was fine. Hope it will be OK when she gets home this afternoon.

Thanks for your reply Don.

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if you decide it is the logic board, I can tell you where NOT to buy a replacement: Ontario Supply. Found them on-line and the service was great, but the board they sent turned out to be defective and after I sent it back, they refused to refund the purchase price. My advice is just to call a repair service.

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