Quilter wants info on sewing other than cotton...

ritaweedaAugust 29, 2012

I'm a quilter who knows about sewing with cotton, but was thinking of branching out into other fabrics, particularly Sari fabrics. I know nothing about working with this type of fabric. Can anyone give me some pointers on what type of thread, needle, tension, and special handling of these types of fabrics? I just want to branch out and play around with it but don't want to ruin it with lack of knowledge.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm no expert, but you will probably have to experiment on scraps. Tension should be less of an issue, but needle size, using ball point needles, and presser foot pressure will matter. Also, depending on the strength, thickness and how ravel prone the fabric is, you may want to zig zag the edges of the fabric and then stitch the seam inside of that.

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I always advise people to sew on a scrap of the fashion fabric, and almost always do myself, to see if my needle is ok, tension, stitch length, etc. Sari fabrics will likely be slippery, so you'll want a nice sharp needle, probably smaller in size. Some recommend pinning to tissue paper if it's too slippery while you cut it. I have a padded canvas top table so don't need to do that luckily :)

If the fabric is very thin/slippery, your scissors may even give you trouble, you'll feel every nick you didn't know your scissors had!

I don't do much quilting, but I do have a block of the month kit, I like to do 1 block when I finish a hard sewing project, I call it my palette cleanser lol. Someday I'll finish all 12 blocks & join you on the quilting forum for advise on how to finish it!

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knit fabric tends to stretch, so sometimes a stablizer
is nessary. And a ball point needle for stretch fabric.
some knits do ravel,I taught my husband how to sew & he
does the quilting now, so when he's working on a quilt that
is made of knit fabric he uses my serger on the knit that
ravels & it work just fine.

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Some sewing machines will skip stitches or not lock stitches on knit and/or slippery fabrics.

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I would think that using an even feed foot might help when sewing that type of fabric.Good luck with your projects.

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