Word of Caution!!

gneegirlDecember 20, 2007

Hi all,

I was just up on the KT Forum and someone mentioned being attacked while entering their home. I don't remember who it was and I hope she doesn't mind my posting this to the SLF. This person had wanted to spread the word on KT to remind everyone to be careful. So, I'm passing it on to all of you - please remain alert, even at home.

Stay safe all!


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I cannot lock my front storm door from the outside when I leave the house, so when leaving I toss a rug used for wiping wet feet up against it - sorta crumpled up. If I were to find it straightened out or moved to one side upon my return I would not enter the house. Just get back in my car and drive to a neighbors to call the police or have the neighbor come back over with me. (can't get cell phone signal out here, so would have to go somewhere else)

Also when shopping, I never take a purse. I take driver's license and any credit cards I plan to use and put in a buttoned pocket on my shirt (preferably an inside shirt) - also a few dollars in cash in case I might need it. That way I don't have to worry about my purse getting snatched and all the other important things one carries in a purse being stolen. Keys to car, house, etc I put in my front jeans pocket - and I try to make sure they are tight jeans!!

It is sad that especially at this time of year when the world should be filled with peace and brotherly love, that one has to be constantly on guard.

When returning to your car in a parking lot, be aware of what is going on around you - any suspicious lurkers, etc.
Return to the store if you feel uneasy.

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All good advice gerry - thanks. I know some of these things but I know I'm not as careful as I should be all the time. I've been known to venture out sometimes at night, and I'm always looking. But I'm not too sure I would be able to escape someone. Then again, I have before, but it wasn't a violent attack; just someone that wanted I guess wanted some money but didn't want to fight me for it. I just looked at him like he was crazy. I guess he thought I was crazy and ran away.

Thanks for those reminders.

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I take my 115 pound Lab with me if I walk at night. She is at home inside while I'm away. She's a love but no one would know that if they heard her deep rumbling growl first. She is quite protective.

I also don't carry a purse. I stick my bank card, driver's license, and car key in a pocket. I like being hands free when I shop. I don't need lip gloss or a comb in the grocery store!

I'm middle-aged and ornery looking I guess, no one has bothered me in years. The last one was a down and out fellow in an iffy neighborhood who wanted to wash my car windows at the gas station where I stopped out of desperation. I just looked at him and he went meekly away. I must have channeled his very stern mama!

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I am going to have my storm door changed so I can have a key lock on it, but for another reason. If my garage door opener fails I won't be able to get into my home without breaking an expensive window. I am not afraid of anything, but that doesn't mean I am not cautious. I have window wells for the first time and they are a bit of a worry because in my old neighborhood the houses with them were hit by burglars all the time. I had a $100. coupon from Gander Mt and I spent it on the largest wind chimes they had. If someone tries to lift the cover, they will run like he**. LOL My husband had Alzheimer's and I was worried about him leaving the house while I slept. I fastened a small wind chime to the bottom of a cast iron foot stool and set it in front of our bedroom door. he could not have gotten out of the room without waking me. It pays to be aware of your surrounding when you are out in public.

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You know, I live in a pretty safe place. When I moved here, there had only been one murder in 50 years. They knew who committed it, but couldn't find him. Finally, just last year, they found the guy.

Then a 6 year old girl was kidnapped and murdered, then there were a couple of drug related murders, then they found a bunch of marijuana grow houses, and suddenly, I started locking my doors.

The more people who move here, the more unsafe it becomes. I just wish I could go back out to the country where I felt safe.

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JYG - I live about as far out in the country as you can get in this part of the world. Though not actually afraid to live out here in the boonies, I try to always be alert. Here in this rural area we do have a type of neighborhood watch, though because it is so wooded, my house is barely visible to my nearest neighbors. About a year ago, I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of a phone beeping and the dogs began making a terrible racket. The phone (someone forgot to turn off their cell phone, I guess) was right outside my bedroom window. I immediately began turning on lights, let the dogs out the front door, and dialed 911. A car started up and with no lights went speeding down my driveway, hitting the corner of the fence as they exited. Of course they were long gone before the police arrived. For a long time after that, I did not sleep well, and when I slept, the least noise would awaken me.
When I go walking in the woods (which I haven't done yet this winter) I always have a dog with me, my pepper spray in my pocket, and on occasion I have even taken a gun along.
When working in the gardens, if I am in the back yard, I make sure the front door is locked, and if in the front yard, I have the back door locked. Of course, my doors stay locked all the time if I am inside. I keep those tacky "Beware of Dog" signs on all gates and a pair of men's Wellingtons at the back door.

Bad things can happen most anywhere.

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I agree bad things happen everywhere, but I read that the statistics show that the country is more dangerous than the city because of the isolation. A relative told me she wouldn't live in my city at all, she didn't even want to come shopping here alone. When she said that, my reply was didn't they find a female corpse in your city last month?

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It can happen anywhere...Never pointed a gun at someone, but was prepared to one night if he had stayed at the door. He got busted later... turns out he was a neighbor that was always playing his guitar on the deck above us and seemed like a nice guy...he kidnapped a little girl and he got caught before he could do more than only mental harm. I sleep with a shotgun and a pistol by my bed...not recommended for everyone but works for me.

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