Found a Bernina 830 - some newbie questions

marc_frickAugust 16, 2008

Hi everyone, Well I just found a Bernina 830, my dad managed to get it 'bent back into shape' OK, it's been 20+ years since I used a sewing machine.... I found a copy of the manual from Bernina's website, bought replacement needles ( I promptly broke the one on the machine :) A few questions, I know this machine can use a variety of different feet, how important are they? Can I get by with whatever foot is on the machine? I would like to try to do some decorative stiching eventually..

All I know is that the machine seems to work, I have done some simple straight and zig-zag stitches...

Any ideas for websites for beginner sewers?

Many Thanks!

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It depends on what you want to do!! A zipper foot is a must if you ever plan on putting in a zipper.
If i were you,using the manual as a guide,i'd get all the feet that originally came with it,as those are the basic ones if you plan on doing any sewing.If you're not going to be using it,but just want to have it for the sake of having it,then i wouldn't jump in and buy anything.
Only you know what your plans are.

There are places on line to get free patterns,for crafts,and lots of places to ask questions is one of them.Just google sewing,and you'll come up with several sites.
Good luck.Oh and that's a great machine you got!!!

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Thanks for the advice! Well, I definately will be doing some sewing... Hmm, the manual just lists all of the feet and thier uses, not very helpful. For now, I'll just practice a bit, and see what feet I might need. I really should have paid more attention in Home Ec class all those years ago :)

And yes, it's an awesome machine, I really can't believe someone threw it out...


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I'm so jealous. Do you min dif I ask where you got it and what you paid for it?

Susan (green with envy)

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Susancnw: Truth is, I found it on the curb, to be Thrown Away. So, I got it locally (half a block away from my house) Price: free... A thread guide was a bit bent up, my dad fixed it in about 10 minutes, so I finally got me a sewing machine!
(still have to figure out how to do those decorative stiches, though)


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Marc, Be sure to buy the correct bobbins. The owners of the store where I bought my 830 and take it for cleaning and tune ups told me that if you just use any bobbin that will fit in, it will damage the machine over time. There are two kinds that I know are OK, the ones that came with the machine originally and the ones Bernina makes to replace those.

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