New Scrapper needs help!?!?!?

cathyOctober 18, 2001

I have just decided that I want to start scapping! My first question is which type of album do I get? I know a lady who has a home based business, her albums start at $38, which I thought was a little high! Are the albums that you purchase in the scrapebook stores good? Is there much difference? What type is the best, the 3 ring binder type, or the 3 holed screw type?? I have NO clue!!

I'm a little hesitant about getting started, I'm not creative at all, and would like to keep it simple!

About a year ago, I got into "stamping" and did lots and lots of cards, so I have a alot of the same materials (like punches, etc.) I would need to do the scrapbooks!

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreicated!!!


Cathy :-)

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Scrapbooking is awsome! It is my release once a month from my husband and two young kids. I personally love the home based business albums and that is all I will use. They are a little more pricey but are well worth it. THey look better and hold up better. and think of all the time and memories you are putting into them - aren't they worth it? I have heard many comments from those who have used home based business and tried the other albums and haven't been as happy with them. If its too expensive to start then just buy the refill pages and start with those first and buy the album on a month when you don't have as much to buy and insert the pages.

You don't have to buy every thing at once. Just pick up and adhesive of some sort, a black scrapbooking pen, some key colors of paper, stickers, and die cuts if you want them and go to it. It is the best thing I've ever done. I have done my wedding album and one of my sons first year albums. I love it!!!!

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You can buy scrap books at WalMart's Michael's and I am sure many other stores.

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i have been scrapping for almost 9 years and i just started album #59 when i first started CM was all that was available to me so that is what i used but since my divorce ~my ex made good money~ I cant afford those and have been using westrim post bound album ever since i get em at micheals and i love em if i had to choose between them and cm and if they were the same price i would chose westrim but that is my personal opinion

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I began scrapbooking 16 years ago when my youngest child was born. It was very difficult to find papers, inks, decorations, everything. I began using books from Wal-mart and they have held up very well over the years. I make 7 family scrapbooks every year as Christmas gifts for my parents, inlaws and special family members. Even the first one I made is still almost like new.

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