How do you remove a rusted mailbox from a stone & concrete pillar

sydneylanierNovember 8, 2005

We have pillars on either side of our driveway that are constructed of concrete and what I think is gray flagstone. The mailbox (8"x11") was built into the pillar. The door on the mailbox has rusted out twice. The first time the door fell off it was the original mailbox door. The second time was from a mailbox we purchased; we attached the new door and discarded the new box. Now the mailbox hinges have completely rusted away so we can't put on a new door. Ideally, I'd like to remove the old mailbox and put in a new one... but how do I get the darn thing out? If we can't remove the old mailbox then we can cover it up with a house number plaque...but we still have a dilema - the box sticks out 1" - do I hacksaw it off? Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Most times they are cemented in when the pillar was built. You may be able to remove cement from around the box and pull/cut/tear/ or whatever you need to do to remove it. There should be motar on all sides of the mailbox, possibly only at the front edge. Then you install the new box and re-motar it. Its hard to say without seeing the acutal installation.

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Since the box is sticking out 1/2" you could probably beat on it to get it out. Pound the center of one more sides in collapsing the box.
You could use an angle grinder with a cutting wheel and slice the metal.

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I'm with joed. Get aggressive and rip the thing out. A dremel tool with a cutting wheel will easily cut the sheet metal. Then grab it with pliers or vise grips and take it out in pieces. It's not like your trying to salvage it for anything.

Have fun.

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My city service department is very good at ripping out mailboxes while plowing snow. Give 'em a call.


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Another thing to do is to buy a repplacement plastic/rubber mailbox. these are usually a bit smaller and fit nicely into the metal mailbox. either crimp of cutoff the extra metal that is sticking out. removing the original from the concrete is big big job. It is not as easy as it seems. I know. I have done it before

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I would attempt to take out most of it with a combination of gloves & eye protection, metal snips, big screwdriver, pry bar, hammer and vice grips.

Whatever's left gets hammered against the inside wall. Then frame it in with some wood and put a new one in.

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