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dawnpAugust 15, 2012

I have a question for you regarding your Singer 2001 that broke. You mentioned that the computer board broke on it. What were it's symptoms? (LOL) I have a broken machine too and want to know if the board is broken. I spoke with a repair person and he said these machines can be fixed as long as it is not the board of course as they are no longer made.

If it is not the board, then I may get it repaired to have as a spare machine. I have a Bernina Activa 130 but I don't trust it! I left it sitting for a few years(my error) and it has broken down twice since and had two expensive repairs. I will not pay to have it fixed again!

I swear I think I only took that Touch Tronic in for repair once($100?) in the 25 years I used it and I actively sewed on it!

Also, did you keep the machines? I just saw one on Ebay with a broken board that sold for $50+ to be used for the parts. You might get a little cash back!



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Hi Dawn. In both cases it was the computerboard, so neither can be repaired. My machine started refusing to sew forward, only backwards. After the repairman said it could not be fixed, I started fooling around with it. Now it only zigzags backwards in the widest width!

My mom's machine just won't sew at all. The machine runs but nothing happens, like gunning the engine on a car when it's in neutral. The repairman examined both machines, said they both have the same computer problem so he can't rob one to repair the other. I still have both, just sitting there, gathering dust in a closet.

I replaced them with a Singer Q series. For ease of use, it is nowhere near the machine the old ones were, but I can't afford a high end machine. My new machine sews well so far, and I still do a lot of sewing, so I guess I am satisfied with it. The repairman also sharpens scissors. He recently told me to "embrace your new machine. You are never going to find what you had unless you spend several thousand dollars, and maybe not even then. These Touch tronics were the best machines I ever worked on, and they lasted forever." So I am embracing!

What is your machine doing...or NOT doing? I hope it is a simple problem. I will have to take a look at what is going on over at ebay.

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Thanks Shermann!

I'm going to get it out, turn it on and see what it does. It's been awhile and I have forgotten what the problem was.

I think you should definitely take a peek on Ebay. You could sell yours and maybe even get a replacement!

Mine is sitting in a closet and I need to fix it or sell it for parts. It's silly for me to leave it sitting there for my kids to throw away someday.

Thanks again for responding.


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