Compressor maybe or evaporator coils

janicedallasNovember 21, 2012

Can anyone please tell me what they think this is coming from? It is behind the interior back panel of my Samsung.

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Since you mention compressor and evaporator coils, I take this to be a refrigerator (rather than a PC, TV, cell phone, etc)
It appears to be minor pitting corrosion which I would clean, prime and paint.

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A domestic refrigerator compressor is hermetically sealed inside a steel enclosure and it is physically impossible for anything to leak out.

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Samsung 3 year old refrigerator Can you tell me what you think it is coming from? Does anyone think it could cause damage later on. Cosmetics I don't care because I can't see it

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I'm uploading one more photo just in case it is more recognizable

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Condensation from the freon lines is normally channeled to a plastic drip pan where it evaporates, with the help of the heat given off by the compressor motor. If that channeling is disrupted (by that metal tape?) the condensation may end up on the floor or where it will cause metal to rust.

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