New Asphalt Driveway Question

grydNovember 15, 2011

I just had my asphalt driveway done. There was an existing driveway there previously and grass on both sides. The contractor seems to have done a good job but he didn't use wood strips as a form or border on the edges. He simply followed along the grass edge. I don't care that the line is not perfect as my grass will grow right up to the edge. I'm more concerned with the structure of the driveway and if not using these forms or strips would have any effect on that? Thanks!

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asphalt isn't usually formed. It's a heated granular material that's placed and then rolled to densify it. It doesn't flow like concrete.

Without forms the paste portion of the concrete mix would tend to flow out the edges of the pour and leave just aggregate behind.

The only time they use a "form" with asphalt is when a clearly defined edge is desired/required. Otherwise, it just slopes at the ends.

My 0.02

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Thanks for your response. I guess I'm okay then.

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One more question: If it slopes at the ends wouldn't it be weaker there?

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weaker how? the asphalt is just a toppping/finish surface, it has no real "strength". Yes it will settle and separate more easily but providing the base it stable, it shouldn't go anywhere.

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If figure if it was thinner on the edges then it would crack easier there? When you say "separate more easily" are you referring to cracking?

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I assume that the edges are tapered. It is diffcult to roll these areas so you can likely see a granular finsih as opposed to a solid looking edge. Movement at the edges of the granular face would appear more as a "separation" of material than a "crack" but the net result is the same.

Short answer is "yes".

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