if a skylight leaks heavily during a storm...

modelageNovember 18, 2011

We have an approx. 2.5'x 4 ft skylight that leaked slightly at one corner a year ago during heavy storms. A roofer was called, said the skylight itself was sound and basically reinstalled it.

This September there was a three day long rainstorm in our area (VA)and the skylight leaked catastrophically all along one of the shorter sides. It damaged the ceiling, damaged flooring etc.

It's rained since but not really heavily and it hasn't leaked again.

We have a 7-year warranty on the repair and I've been playing cat and mouse with the roofer to come check it out. He said at one point that "oh,well, if it rains enough any skylight will end up leaking."

Is he just making this up? The other skylight on our roof didn't leak in that storm nor in any of the other huge storms the year before.

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The installation was incorrect. If you don't get it corrected under warranty, you'll pay for it, out of pocket

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It should not leak; it most likely was not flashed properly when it was installed. Any chance you could post pictures of all four sides of the skylight?

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Thanks for the replies. Did you mean pictures from above or from below? There is a horizontal blind across it from below so it's kind of hard to see the opening.
There is a wood frame around the opening because we live in a deck house, with wood beams making up the entire ceiling surface (not sure if you're familiar with these as I'd never heard of them before moving to this area) and it actually leaked on the outside of that wooden rim, away from the opening. Then it traveled down the roof across a couple more beams and then dripped into the house. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow but I have to figure out how you post them on this forum...

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From he outside as none of the flashing would be visible from the inside.

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No modern skylight should ever leak unless the roofer is incompetent. I can't believe a roofer would not fix it immediately in order to protect his reputation.

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probably used the copper curb flashing as a nailing flange!

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I had the same problem, and it turned out to be a leak in the roofing several feet away from the skylight that was getting under the flashing...but that was unusual. I agree that your problem is probably a bad flashing install, and should be fixed. The roofer is giving you a line of bull.

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Any skylight will leak if it rains enough - that the house is underwater.

Our skylights didn't leak during Floyd, 12 inches of rain, or Irene, 9 inches.

Every five years or so one drips at a corner and I re-caulk the glass and it's fine, but that's obviously not what your problem is.

Your roofer is trying to weasel out on his warranty.

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