Supplies? Wants vs Needs

WaggnOctober 1, 2005

What are some of your must have supplies? How about the ones that are completely frivolous and self indulgent!

I guess the number one must have is a paper trimmer, oh and paper:

paper trimmer



Things that look great that I haven't got to yet:

die cutting tools (I would love to hear more from others)


the magnetic letter stampers

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Well, I bit the bullet and bought a die cutter. My favorite scrapbooking store is going out of business and I'm going to try and pick up some dies on sale. I am crushed that she is closing, but she wants to spend more time with her family. I want to get a couple of alphabets if I can and some shapes...

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I'm big into stickers. I absolutely love the "Me and My Big Ideas" stickers with the little stick figure kids, but the local scrapbook store told me they are trying to phase those out.

I recently started on punches. Just basic shapes like circles and stars. You can do so much with those.

I have all sorts of colored pens, but black is my most important. When all is said and done, it's the journaling that counts...not the fancy pages.

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I have a fiskars shape cutter with the templates (heart, circle, square, star, and oval and I love it.
I also have an eyelet setter and with that you need the mat and the hammer, I have a big fiskars embossing thing (which I really need to start using more) I have some embossing punches and for my birthday I just got an alphabet punch set.
For Christmas I have asked for a sizzix side kick with diecuts.
I also have to different size paper cutters, which I actually find I use my big one more
Gel pens, stickers, pop dots, are all other things I use also.

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