homemade starter strip for vinyl siding?

engineeredgardenNovember 25, 2009

I am gonna install vinyl siding on my 8x8 shed, and recently purchased the siding, j-channel, and outside corners for it. Lowes doesn't offer a starter strip (or at least I didn't see one), and I was wondering if I could trim down a piece of siding panel to make my own starter strip?


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Sure, why not? I am not a vinyl siding expert, but when I have helped, we often trimmed down pieces as needed. If it works and looks good then that is all you need.

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A cutoff edge of siding won't be as stiff as the formed metal starter strip, but with enough nailing it ought to work.

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Thanks, I figured it would work ok.


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Lowes has vinyl and metal starter strips.

You just did not ask nor look closely enough.

Your vinyl siding manufacturer also makes starter strip which is mandatory for use with the manufacturer's siding products.

Use of anything other than the manufacturer's approved starter strip can void any warranty the manufacturer may offer on its siding products.

Use the right starter strip or risk paying out-of-pocket for your own mistakes in the event of a product failure.

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