How To Stop Your Foot Pedal from Creeping

LiddybuffJuly 29, 2013

For years I have been bothered by the fact that my sewing machine foot pedal would creep away from my foot. (I usually sew in an area with carpet) Recently I saw in Hancocks an answer to my problem. It was similar to a car floor mat but smaller. The center of it was covered with a carpet like material. This is where you place your foot pedal. The bottom of the mat had tiny little nubs on it so it would stay where you wanted it. It was great but I did not want to pay the price they asked for it. ($14.99) I was telling my husband about it and he suggested I put Velcro on the bottom of my pedal. That's exactly what I did. I used some plastic type tape that I had had for years wondering what to do with it. It has adhesive on the back and the "teeth" are like tiny rigid plastic tips that cling to my carpet. I think it is used for mounting rigid things to something. It works like a charm. Thanks Hubby!! I was wondering if the adhesive rubber that you install around doors to keep the cold out would work on solid surfaces?

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I tried that. It works for a while until it gets fibers built up in it. I wish there was a permanent solution that didn't cost so much. Maybe go to a bargain store and buy a mat for a compact car.

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I have some of that rubbery mesh stuff under mine that is made for lining drawers so things don't slip around in the drawer.My floor is tile.It works,is cheap@ 99cent store,when it wears out I just change it out for another piece.

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It's good to see that we all have ways to work out our issues. I also thought about buying an inexpensive floor mat. Since I already had this tape on hand it seemed like the time to use it. Thanks for the feedback.

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I had the same problem. My sewing table sits up against the wall, so I looked around to find something to put on the floor behind the foot pedal...a small box of all things. The box was deep enough that the back of it sat right up against the wall, and I had the back of the foot pedal up against that box. I know it sounds funny, but it

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