looking for snowflake stamps and vellum

JenniferOctober 1, 2001

I'm looking for vellum embossed with snowflakes or a large snowflake stamp. These will be used over a wedding invitation so I'm not really wanting anything "crafty" but more elegant. Any suggestions to where I can find them or any tips to go about this project are welcome! Just so you know I've searched the internet and have found just a few that would maybe work and only one snowflake vellum but the snowflakes were more funky that what I'm looking for (more real looking I guess). Thanks!

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You could get some plain vellum and a rubber stamp snowflake if you have a lot of time! Just stamp the snowflake onto the vellum with white ink. Very pretty!

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If you have a craft wherehouse in your area. Ours has the vellum and snowflake print.

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StampinUp has vellum printed with small white snowflakes. They also carry snowflake stamps.
I used these items to make candles. They carry the sheer ribbon at a great price too.
You can stamp a large snowflake on the vellum using the Versamark pad. Then sprinkle the white embossing powder over. Heat the flake with a heat gun. It is very beautiful. If you want to add glitter, restamp with the Versamark, and sprinkle the glitter over the sticky Versamark area. It is very beautiful when done.
Hope this helps.
Stampimup is online. They also have representatives. It was so easy, that I made a lot of them for gifts.

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