I have a REAL date!

junkyardgirlDecember 15, 2007

I met a man online a few weeks ago, and in person recently. I met him for coffee, and we hit it off. He's a very nice person, and I like talking to him.

I can't believe it, but he actually invited me out on a dinner date! It's been so long since a man has taken me on an actual "date". It's always been drinks at a bar or something. I think I've really met a gentleman.

So we're going out Monday night. Well, we're meeting somewhere, because I feel safer that way. He offered to come pick me up, and it will get there, but not right now.

Isn't it strange how, years ago, there was no problem having a gentleman caller pick you up at your house, but now, we have to be suspicious of everyone? I think it's very sad.

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Way to go Junkyard!! Congratulations - I hope you have a wonderful time!! Yes, you are right about the safety issues now. That is very sad state of affairs...

Best wishes...


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How fun is that?!!! Do you feel all giddy - like a teenager again? LOL Tell us all about it - we love a good romance story!

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Aw! That's wonderful to hear! Yes, share all the details.

The last man who asked me out was a very nice but elderly and stodgy fellow who wanted to take me for a ride in his side car. Uh, gee... not feeling like being a spectacle today. (My impulse was to gnaw off my arm and run.)

The invitation before that was strictly a booty call offer (yes, he was very clear regarding his intent). Uh, no, not interested.

I politely demurred the side car ride invitation and told the other man not to contact me again, ever.

A real dinner date invitation sounds like a fairy tale to me!

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Way to go jyg! I hope he turns out to be a great man, and then we will clone him :-). It is sad that we now have to take all kinds of precautions when we meet someone new. I used to enjoy asking guys over to my home, but no more.

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Yes! Tell us all the details. We love to live vicariously and it's always nice to hear happy tales.

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