What colours would go with this one??

Jessica1989May 13, 2014

Hi all,

I have no idea what colours to put with this kitchen... I was thinking of adding accents with tea towel, flowers ext and possibly extending the colour through to the dining room. HELP!!


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You could put some decorative glass above the cabinets-- looks like a blue pallet would pick up the counter color. The window treatments might be another opportunity. Finally maybe you want to rethink that light fixture or consider adding pendants to the peninsula.

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What colors do you like? It's more the shade of the color than the color. Green, peach, pink, yellow, lavender, etc. would all work in the space...you just want to make sure the green (or whatever color) enhances the blue and wood, rather than clashing or competing with it :)

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Orange is the complement of blue, so if you want to brighten up the space, and make the blue counter feel included but not dominating, and pull warm tones out of the cabinets, that would be a good place to start. I don't mean bright orange! Peaches, and rich yellows with orange in their minds, like daffodils. Definitely yellows for brightness, but warm (orange) ones, rather than greener ones. Those roses that are peach and yellow (whose name I don't know). Apricot tones. Some pastels are fine, but look for colors that pop with intensity to add liveliness.

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