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joe_mnNovember 18, 2013

I have a metric bolt. M5x0.8 which is equal to 32 thds per inch. An M5 is about 0.195 thread diameter. I see a 10-32 bolt is 0.19 across thread and 32 threads per inch. Would a M5 bolt thread into a 10-32 nut?

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No. I have never found any metric machine threaded fastener that will directly interchange with any NF or NC standard fastener. But you can certainly try it.

Your math is a bit off. 32 threads per inch is 0.03125 (inches) per turn. Metric .8 is 0.31496 (inches), a difference of 0.000246. Not much but the difference will accumulate and it will jam.
And that metric screw is almost 0.007 (inches) larger diameter than the #10--32. In this context, that is MUCH larger.

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Will not fit, period. Maybe once without coming off as it would be crossthreaded

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It's for older Honda antenna mast. Most all say it is metric. But it is for antenna. Thought maybe it might be some odd industry antenna base standard. The generic antennas at car stores have adapters. But none seems to know what threads are. Try a few until they fit

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Depending on the size of the part, just take it to a hardware store and keep trying bolts until you find the one that fits.

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Went to store. M5 nut fits perfect. Did not try 10-32.

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So I guess that solves the problem that prompted the original post?
Based on my calculations above, using an M5 x .8 tap in the 10-32 nut would yield a usable but not perfect part.

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Yes, thread is metric. And car is metric. It might screw into inch thread but poorly.

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