Do you like having company?

junkyardgirlDecember 15, 2007

I really do not like company. It stresses me out something awful. I always spend days trying to make everything perfect, and think people are judging me. I guess this is because I'm just not the best housekeeper, and even though I clean and clean for company, I'm afraid people will see through it to who I really am.

I especially hate unexpected guests. Everyone I know knows not to "drop by" my house, but wait to be invited, which happens very seldom, actually.

I've always wished I could be one of those women whose house is always perfect, and who always has refreshments on hand for unexpected guests, but I never will be.

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Expected company, I have no problem with...My sister has a habit of just showing up without notice..that irritates me...Last time she made an appearance was on a Sunday morning recently, so she got to see my beer can Christmas tree that I had carefully assembled on the countertop. Told her that I didn't mean to be rude and rush her off, but the game was about to start...haven't heard from her since....fingers crossed she finally got the hint.

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When I was young, my paternal grandparents who lived in Phila would always show up unexpectedly and "oh, we were just pop-calling?", like they lived next door. But we lived in MD!! My mother would be so annoyed!!! My grandmother was so picky and liked to pick.

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I have friends and family that could show up any time and they would be warmly welcomed. I have acquaintenances who, if they showed up, couldn't get in - depends on who it is.

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I love to have company - expected or not. I don't have to worry about my goofy sibs since they live 100's of miles away.

My kids joke that if they hear a knock on the door it is either the UPS man or someone we've never met. My friends and neighbors would just let themselves in and make a pot of coffee.

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I like company but I prefer they tell me they are coming. My parents used to show up at my and my brother's houses unexpectedly any time of the day. Especially my dad. It finally stopped after we expressed our clear dislike of it. They once showed up at my brothers 10AM on Saturday, they were in the area shopping. And you know what my brother and his wife were doing on Saturday morning and what had to be interrupted. lol They did this to me once in the middle of the day and I had my BF over

They do not do it anymore. I like company but I need to know ahead of time.

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Sometimes I like company, but aside from my family, I like friends to let me know that they are coming.

I grew up in a home where family and friends came in and out all day long. Even now when I visit mom, I tell her "don't these people ever stay home"? She laughs and says that I am used to being by myself, which is basically true. My mom even has kids that were my brothers' friends, now grown, come to visit her and bring their kids. She is known as Nana, always has a coffee pot going in case someone stops by, and always has something for you to eat -- God bless her. I wish I was a bit like her, but I am not because I tend to be moody.

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I have friends who can and do drop by anytime. Most do not. Either is fine. Housekeeping is iffy depending on my work commitments. I usually have something to feed someone, or can whip up something quickly. I like to cook, I like to feed others.

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I'm like you jyg - I had knee surgery in 2004 and can't get up and down as easily as I used to for those "low cleaning areas" and find I don't have as much stamina (or maybe it's energy) Consequently I prefer a little notice before someone drops by. I still haven't caulked the baseboards from my remodel that was finishing up before the surgery. But, I do know this. Most people don't notice a little clutter and dust. I cannot ever recall going into anyones home and coming away with the memory of "my God, what a mess!!" reaction. A home is to be lived in and if your friends and family can't overlook that then they don't need to be visiting anyway. IMO. So don't stress over it.

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