jenichoOctober 7, 2001

I just bought supplies from a CM consultant. I have never done a scrapbook before. I am now wondering whether I invested too much into this brand of scrapbooking w/o doing much research. Any advise?

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How much did you spend? Getting started in scrapbooking "is" rather probably didn't spend too much if you are really going to stick with it...
If you are just mildly interested and might not use the supplies after you get probably spent too much...ha

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CM is expensive which is why i no longer use it and they push you to use just their products and there is just too much good stuff out there to just use cm stuff. but they do have the best albums out

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I was a CM consultant for a very short time so I know what the difference in price/quality is. Yes, they are slightly higher than other products out there. I think the main difference in their products versus others is that all of their paper products are not only acid free but also lignin free. When preserving your photos and memories it is vital that you use products that are both acid and lignin free. Otherwise, your photos will turn yellow and fade over time. Maybe not in your lifetime but in your children's lifetimes. If you wanted to use other company's products, I would stick to the items like scissors and punches. As for the paper and the albums you use, I would go for the CM products because they are safer.

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