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rivkadrJuly 26, 2009

Hi all -- I normally hang out in other forums on this site, but I'm stopping in here to see if anyone wants some odds and ends. I inherited all my grandmother's sewing stuff several years back, and I finally just went through it all. I'm keeping all the good fabric for my quilting, but the rest of this stuff is of no use to me.

- Singer sewing needles and a few other odds and ends. I have no idea how old they are -- probably from the 70's or earlier, I would guess. The needles range in size from 11 to 16. My grandmother's machine was a black one with gold trim, but beyond that, I know nothing. There's also a couple of feet that look like they would go on the machine. If you want pictures of those, let me know.

- box of thread. Lots of weird colors. The majority is on wooden spools.

- box of lace trim, and other kinds of trim.

- box of buttons. I doubt there's anything in here that's worth money; it's just a bunch of old buttons, and nothing really exciting. But if you want some buttons...

- box of odds and ends. Has zippers, hooks and eyes, needles.

If you're interested in any or all of this, send me an email (click on my profile, and send me an email through there). I'd just be happy to send it to a good home.

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All of the items have been claimed :)

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