fix mortar on party wall -- attic with insulation

cameraNovember 11, 2011

I have an attic that has new blow-in insulation in it. The attic also has a party wall (it's a row house) that is beginning to crumble, with a section of bricks now missing. It's a very old house, so the bricks are soft and lime-based mortar was used.

My questions are:

Is replacing and mortaring the bricks a DIY job?

If I hire someone to do it, can they manage to work in my attic with the insulation in it (and will my insulation be ruined)?


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its pretty much a given that your insulation will be compressed and moved about. the time to have done this..
if indeed it can be done..was prior to insulation install.
maybe from the other side of party wall??

if the missing row of brick is above your insulation
whats the problem? it is only if air is moving thru the insulation that it derates it.
as your thermal boundry is the insulation on the attic
floor missing brick above this shouldn't be an issue.

best of luck.

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Just make sure whomever does the repair uses the correct mortar.

Lime mortar is not generally available and must be mixed from scratch.

If you use type S (the common grade in the big box stores) it is likely to cause further damage to the old soft bricks.

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